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Tuesday, June 9
Board of Ed - Workshop Meeting
5:30 PM @ Administration Building
Agenda is posted the day before the meeting
Tuesday, June 16
Shortened Day for Students
9:20 - Moving Up Ceremony Switlik 5th Grade (TENTATIVE)
9:20 AM - Switlik 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony
Wednesday, June 17
Shortened Day for Students


Today, 5/27/2015
High: 87 Low: 67
Slight chance thunderstorms
19% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 5/28/2015
High: 87 Low: 61
Chance thunderstorms
38% chance of precipitation.

Switlik Announcements

"Moving Up Ceremony" Letter to Parents - Posted 5/22



Switlik School Has Just Been Notified That 

The Fourth Graders in Mrs.Hughes & Mrs. Barth's Class 

The "2015 Barnegat Bay Blitz Rain Barrel Challenge!"

Above - Student Artists Posing w/ Their Barrel Project

5th Grade Trash-ion Show
Students Created Their Unique Designs Using Recyclable Materials

The 2015 Switlik Art Museum

All Around Our Hallways
Wednesday, May 20th
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Switlik Elementary School is...

"Bucket Filling School"

What It Means
To be a "Bucket Filler" means that you respect people, properties, places, and things. For example - you have to show good behavior to follow classmates, teachers, parents, and even people that you don't even know. The famous phrase "Sticks and Stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me" actually isn't a good saying because words can be even more hurtful than being beat up!
Molly Hewitt - 5th Grade, Switlik School

To be a "Bucket Filler" means to be someone who is nice. For example if you hurt people's feelings you are a "Bucket Dipper." Bullies are people who hurt you and if the do that, don't just let it go - tell a teacher! You can also fill bucket's by just one word - HELLO! 
Samantha Russalesi - 5th Grade, Switlik School

Bucket Fillers

We Proudly Acknowledge


Ella Boyko, Ava DiAmbrosio, Omar Oriebe, Angelina Reed, Nicholas Dhaliwal, Gina Thompson, Landon Alexander, Julianna During, Rocco Pulchino, Hailey Mitrosky, Hailey DiAnthony, Brynn Webb, Amber Pintye, Sean Mercer, Savannah Lattie, Ava Engle, Michael Seawright, Lucas Shramovich, Julia Baturgil, Jimil Elbayar, Victoria Xia, Anthony Hallihan, Emily Stahlnecker, Bryan Quackenbush, Bella Grochowski, Paul Novello, Sydney Ward, Ciara McGinness, Kayla Walczyk, Chloe Messer, Ethan Miller, Denzel Allia, Eddie Danza, Andrew Berger, Rohan Patel, Natalie Pearce, Jessica Shpak.
(Any Spelling Errors - E-mail

Staff Members

Faye Zaninelli, Monique Placek, Joanne Jones, Theresa Sherman, Dominic Casais


5th Grade Solar System Projects
(Displayed in our Gym Hallway)

At Switlik, T.E.A.M. means "Together Everyone Achieves More." Switlik, once again showed it is a "Bucket Filling School."

On behalf of the Switlik Elementary School Community, over $3400 was presented to Crystal Figueroa of the American Cancer Society. 

A special thank you to the families, teachers, staff, and community members who generously donated to the Relay Recess Program. 

Our May Bulletin Board Message

Bee Caring
Make Our School a Better Place!

Music in Our Schools Month
Student Poster Contest 

Our Selected Artists
Kindergarten - Tanya Iyer
1st Grade - Lila Martinez & Carlos Briceno
2nd Grade - Olivia Sandoval & Molly Alexander
3rd Grade - Savannah Demontmorency & Ava White
4th Grade - Haley Alexander & Madeline Bobrowski
5th Grade - Olivia Skvarenina

Overall Winner - Kaylee Poppe

Spring Break 100 Book Challenge
Pizza Lunch Award

Congrats To All Our Top Readers 

Special thanks to Jackson District Superintendent Dr. Genco for taking the time out of his extremely busy schedule to join us. It was a pleasure for our students to have this opportunity where they were able to discuss various school topics with you. They also enjoyed getting to know you on a more personal level - especially in learning about your love for horseback riding!

witlik School Blue Claws Night
Thursday April 23rd
Thanks To All Who Attended

100 Book Challenge
Golden Book Awards!
March Recipients

Kindergarten - Ms. Davis & Ms. Robinson
1st Grade - Ms. Kahn
2nd Grade - Ms. Slomin & Ms. O'Donnell
3rd Grade - Ms. Padron & Ms. Zaninelli
4th Grade - Ms. Knigge
5th Grade - Ms. Levine

Switlik School Would Like to Thank Mr. Rory Wells,
Assistant Prosecutor From The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office

Mr. Wells attended a recent PTN meeting to speak with our parents about Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety. He was also welcomed back this month to speak with our students about digital use.

On April 16th the Switlik Elementary School, with support from the Jackson Rotary Club and the Jackson Education Association, presented our very first

Parents & Loved Ones Viewed Our Wonderful Collections of Written Works and Even Left  Sticky Note "Words of Praise" For Our Young Authors!

We Hoped You All Enjoyed This Event! 
Published pieces from our very own
Switlik's Authors of every age are currently on display in the hallways of our first floor for all to read, enjoy and compliment!

Thank You For Supporting This Wonderful Showcase!

*Special Recognition To Ms. Toddings & Ms. Hoermann's 4th Grade Class Who Will Receive an EXTRA Gym Period, Compliments of Mr. Hamdi & Ms. Mitchell

Switlik School Girl Scout Troop
Celebrates 103 Years of Service!

Thanks To All Our Switlik Volunteers
Switlik "Relay Recess Program" Wall

Jackson Bureau of Fire Safety

Division 1 Fire Prevention Poster Contest Winners

1st Place - Alexander Pentogenis

2nd Place - Ava Engle

3rd Place - Ismail Attia


Parent University  is a series of informational programs by the Jackson School District to help parents understand how they can help their children achieve even better success in school. These sessions are open to ALL parents.

Board Briefs

Budget Information
See Overview and Details
View Full Budget Document Here

District Happenings

“They didn’t do math this way when I was a kid!’’

“When I was in school, we just read – 
we didn’t have to worry about all this other stuff.’’

Do you find yourself saying
(or thinking) things like this?
Are you sometimes afraid to open that backpack to see what kind of “homework monster’’ lives in there?

The Jackson School District’s
Parent University can help!

Upcoming sessions:
June 2nd, June 4th and June 10th
Learn How to Stop the "Summer Slide''
We will also be raffling off some FREE Learning Games!

Click Image for Schedule
and More Information

These sessions are open to ALL parents. Free child care is available.
You are welcome and encouraged to attend a session at ANY of these schools!

It's Time to Think Summer!
Get your little ones ready for Kindergarten or 1st Grade.
How about summer music programs or
piano or guitar or drum lessons? 
Or gymnastics, karate, or Extreme Science and CSI.
There are SO MANY Summer School Programs Available!
Spring/Summer 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 Brochure

Look Today!

Let's Stay Healthy!
Protect Yourself From
Enterovirus D68
and Other Illnesses

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) infections have recently been documented across the United States. 

More info from the CDC
FAQ from the NJ Dept. of Health
Help Yourself:
Limit exposure to D68,
the flu and other viruses:
  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Talk to Your Child: Select the image below for a graphic you can use to discuss these personal hygiene measures with your child.

Read More for
A Note From our School Nurses:


Stay Connected to
News & Info About
Your Child's Education

Principal's Message



Dear Switlik Families,

As we reflect on this Memorial Day Weekend, please remember all our veterans and military heroes who continue to make sacrifices for our nation’s freedom!  Enjoy your three day weekend with family and friends.  Safe travels!

Congratulations to Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Barth and Mrs. Martorana’s Fourth Grade Class!  They are the recipients of the "2015 Barnegat Bay Blitz Rain Barrel Challenge!"  The students learned about preserving our oceans, lakes and tributaries and enjoyed the demonstrations presented by the Watership Ambassador.  Learning was expanded with information presented through classroom lessons and activities to reinforce the importance of protecting our water and land for ourselves, the plants and the animals.

Students became very excited to begin their creation, and enjoyed watching the rain barrel change from pictures to telling an important message.  As a class, they voted on the title of their rain barrel, “The Critters of the Barnegat Watershed have Something to Say!”  The students brainstormed messages they thought the animals might say, and applied them to the barrel.  It was an awesome experience creating the rain barrel, learning about the Barnegat Watershed, and everything that can be done to protect it.  We were overjoyed to hear that their rain barrel was chosen as the 2015 winner of the Rain Barrel Blitz Challenge!

Girl Scout Troup 463 continues to make our courtyard a place where children, teachers, staff and community members look forward to go to.  The girls used funds they raised during cookie sales to purchase mulch and new plants for the magnolia area.  Our courtyard has become an amazing reading nook!

Second Grade Visits the Planetarium:  Second grade students were able to visit the Novins Planetarium at Ocean County College.   Mr. Richard Mack, an astronomer at the planetarium showed the students the moon, the constellations, and the planets visible in the night sky over New Jersey.  The children were excited to see the wonders of space projected over their heads on the domed ceiling of the darkened planetarium.  Students also learned The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket, as they used an old refrigerator box and their imaginations, to visit the sun, the moon, and the planets of our solar system.  Upon returning to Earth, and their classrooms at Switlik School, the students discussed what they already knew about space in addition to all the new information and facts they learned that day.  They drew pictures of their favorite planets and constellations.  Thank you to our awesome Switlik PTN, for making it possible for all students to have this exciting experience.

Kathleen McKiernan

Please click here to read our full Principal's Message

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