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Monday, March 2
PARCC Testing
Grade 3 - Literacy
Tuesday, March 3
PARCC Testing
Grade 3 - Literacy
Wednesday, March 4
PARCC Testing
Grade 3 - Literacy
Thursday, March 5
PARCC Testing
Grade 3 Math
6 PM - District Museum Night @ JLHS Grand Hallway


Today, 3/2/2015
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Partly sunny
14% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 3/3/2015
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Snow likely
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Switlik Announcements

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Read Across America
Scholastic Book Raffle Winners

Switlik School Celebrates 
Black History Month 

(Created By Mrs. Knigge's 4th Grade Class)

Switlik PTN McDonald's Night
Tuesday March 10th
4pm - 8pm
County Line Road - Shoprite Plaza 
(Click Image Below for Voucher)

(Picture Above From Our November Event)

Scholastic All For Books Coin Challenge

Total Collected $3,402.91

Top Class Total 
Mrs. McElwee ($330.50)

Thank you to all who donated to this great cause. 

Jackson School District Elementary School
Congratulations To Our District Champion

(5th Grade - Ms. Cipully)

Above - Rohan Being Recognized @ Pep Rally

100 Book Challenge
Golden Book Awards!
January Recipients

Kindergarten - Ms. Robinson AM/PM
1st Grade - Ms. Kahn & Ms. Shroyer
2nd Grade - Ms. Slomin & Ms. O'Donnell
3rd Grade - Ms. Zaninelli
4th Grade - Ms. Smith
5th Grade - Ms. Levine

Congratulations To Switlik's 2014-15
Educators of The Year
Board Recognition Meeting - Tuesday February 24th
Ms. Tina DelSontro & Ms. Yael Cohen

Switlik Elementary School is...

"Bucket Filling School"

What It Means
To be a "Bucket Filler" means that you respect people, properties, places, and things. For example - you have to show good behavior to follow classmates, teachers, parents, and even people that you don't even know. The famous phrase "Sticks and Stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me" actually isn't a good saying because words can be even more hurtful than being beat up!
Molly Hewitt - 5th Grade, Switlik School

To be a "Bucket Filler" means to be someone who is nice. For example if you hurt people's feelings you are a "Bucket Dipper." Bullies are people who hurt you and if the do that, don't just let it go - tell a teacher! You can also fill bucket's by just one word - HELLO! 
Samantha Russalesi - 5th Grade, Switlik School

Bucket Fillers

We Proudly Acknowledge

Audrey Stewart, Evan Gross, Lucie Sgammato, Ryder Hammond, Angeline Reed, Peter Vendetti, Gina Thompson, Ella Cooke, Braydon Brower, Noah Shelly, Brian Morrison, Juliana Old, Noah Goscinski, Alexa Meegan, Bailey Cirelli, Bella Sweeney, Rebecca Russalessi, Emma Schnorrbusch, Michael Lattie, Henry Daum, Angelica Old, Aiden Guzman, Jovani Hallihan, Tyler Rasiewicz, Aden Ahmad, Bella Grochowski, Dameon Catusco, Julia Joseph, Madeline Bobrowski, Melanie Perez, James Vanyi, Victoria Volkens, Ryan Kas, Kathryn Yalch, Matty Smock, Samantha Russalesi, Randy Cruz, Shayla Smith, Cecilia Alterisio, Virginia Alvarez, Tyler Amann, Alexa Amerman, Amanda Amerman, Riley Anders, Bailey Anderson, Benjamin Anderson, Kate Adamo, Brady Adams, Aden Ahmad, Maya Ahmad.

(Any Spelling Errors - E-mail

Staff Members

Marie Wardell, Cynthia Hemenway, Karen Ryan, Dana Citron, Mrs. Padron/Class, Mrs. Urban/Class, Mr. A's Advanced Math Class


Our February Bulletin Board Message

(Created By Mrs. Knigge ~ 4th Grade)

5th Grade Student Projects
Westward Expansion
(Check Out Some Examples Below)

Presented by Mr. Mathews & Mrs. Placek

Our Mission Statement @ Switlik School...

(Artwork Created By Mrs. Miller)

Switlik Bucket Filler Day
January 16th 2015

We're EXCITED To See Everyone Looking So Colorful as They
Continue to Fill Their Buckets Throughout Every School Day!

Special Thanks to Mrs. DeBenedetto & Ms.Zaninelli For ALL Their
Leadership With Our Switlik School Bucket Filler Program

Students From Left ~ Brian Cooper, Jameson Krinsky,
Randy Cruz, Aidan Borden, Rohan Patel

Mr. Brian Cooper


Sumdog Student All-Stars

Week Ending 2/12
Brian Cooper
Haley Alexander
Virginia Alvarez
Joseph McGowan
Elyse Bergmann

Switlik Celebrates All Seasons!

Our School Grounds Look Chilly!
(Unfortunately Winter Is Now Here!)

Thanks To All Our PTN Beautification Volunteers, Switlik Girls Scouts and Jackson School District Grounds Staff!
The Property ALWAYS Looks Wonderful!

(Taken October 2014)


Parent University  is a series of informational programs by the Jackson School District to help parents understand how they can help their children achieve even better success in school. These sessions are open to ALL parents.

District Happenings

NOTICE - Monday, March 2 @ 4:50 a.m.

The Jackson School District will have a TWO-HOUR DELAYED OPENING on Monday, March 2, 2015.

This means that students should be at their bus stops and at school two hours later than their normal time.
There is no AM Kindergarten and AM Child Care is also canceled. Some of our AM Pre-K classes are also, canceled. 

See our school hours list for school and program times.

FYI: Any PARCC tests that were scheduled for today will NOT take place. They will begin on Tuesday.

Jackson is now offering full-day kindergarten for 2015-2016
Our "Kindergarten Roundup'' Registration takes place at each of our elementary schools during the week of March 23-27, 2015.
  • See our Kindergarten registration schedule and requirements.
  • Please remember to bring your child with you.
  • Kindergarten registration packets can be picked up at your home elementary school, or you can download the registration packet here.

Get Educated on PARCC
and the Common Core Curriculum
and see our Testing Schedule

New Spring/Summer 2015

The Jackson Community School
Spring/Summer 2015 Brochure

is available ONLINE.

Look Today!

Let's Stay Healthy!
Protect Yourself From
Enterovirus D68
and Other Illnesses

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) infections have recently been documented across the United States. 

More info from the CDC
FAQ from the NJ Dept. of Health
Help Yourself:
Limit exposure to D68,
the flu and other viruses:
  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Talk to Your Child: Select the image below for a graphic you can use to discuss these personal hygiene measures with your child.

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A Note From our School Nurses:


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Principal's Message

Dear Switlik Families,

       “ALL ABOUT THOSE STEPS…..All about those steps, bout those steps, no trouble.  Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I read, ‘2’….But I can read it, read it, like I’m supposed to do.  We got those books, books, that all the kids chase…all the cool kids at all the right pages….”

Switlik School was the place to be on Thursday Evening….. Parents, grandparents, children and guests were awestruck as the “Switlik School” was transformed with a platform of events… 

Our Switlik Community came together as our talented “Switlik Staff” entertained those of all ages in the audience with dance and song, our proud fifth grade students wowed us with a learning experience of the Scientific Method and our amazing PTN transformed our gym lobby to a “World Under the Sea” as children were engulfed in selecting that just right book. 

Thank you to our Read Across America Coordinators, Ms. Auletta and Mrs. Douvris and all of our phenomenal “Switlik Staff Singers and Dancers,” as well as all of the helping hands behind the scene:  our teacher readers and refreshment servers.  It is important that our children see home and school as a team; working together to encourage and achieve success.  A special thank you to all of our parents for your generosity and for volunteering your time, as well as your resources.  Together, we can achieve successful learners and good citizens.

Under the leadership of Mr. Mathews, fifth grade students showed off their knowledge and some of the Scientific Method in the quest to solve various mysteries and problems. Students were required to research, create a hypothesis and conduct an actual experiment to reach a conclusion that may or may not be what they expected!  Students proudly and enthusiastically took ownership of communicating their knowledge of their experiment and result.  Parents and guest were “WOWED” with the caliber of projects displayed and articulated by our fifth grade scientists!

Switlik’s Book Fair, sponsored by the PTN, kicked off Read Across America Week.  The gym lobby was transformed into a world “Under the Sea!”  Children were enchanted as they visited the Book Fair throughout the week.  Thank you to our Book Fair Coordinators, Mrs. Guzman, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Antenucci and all of the helping hands and volunteers behind the scenes

Kathleen McKiernan, Principal

Click here to read our full Principal's Message

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