School Calendar

Wednesday, January 28
7:00 PM-Choral Concert @FAC-Switlik
Thursday, January 29
HS Transition Day and K-8 Prof. Development Day - School Closed to STUDENTS ONLY
Schools Closed for Students Only
Reminder: This date may change or may be eliminated from the calendar if we experience emergency closings.
Friday, February 6
7:00 PM- PTN Gift Auction @ Hamilton Manor - Switlik
Monday, February 9
7 PM - District Wide Elementary Spelling Bee @ JMHS
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Today, 1/27/2015
High: 31 Low: 17
100% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 1/28/2015
High: 30 Low: 15
Mostly sunny
5% chance of precipitation.

Switlik Announcements

"Soup"er Bowl

New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks

Bring in your canned item(s), make your own prediction for the 2014-15 Super Bowl Winner!
(All Donated Goods Will Be Given to The Jackson Food Pantry)
Bins Located in Gym Hallway

(Special Thanks to Mrs. Decker For Organizing This Campaign)

100 Book Challenge
Golden Book Awards!
January Recipients

Kindergarten - Ms. Robinson AM/PM
1st Grade - Ms. Kahn & Ms. Shroyer
2nd Grade - Ms. Slomin & Ms. O'Donnell
3rd Grade - Ms. Urban
4th Grade - Ms. Knigge & Ms. Smith
5th Grade - Ms. Cipully

5th Grade Student Projects
Westward Expansion
(Check Out Some Examples Below)

Presented by Mr. Mathews & Mrs. Placek

Our Mission Statement @ Switlik School...

(Artwork Created By Mrs. Miller)

Switlik Bucket Filler Day
January 16th 2015

We're EXCITED To See Everyone Looking So Colorful as They
Continue to Fill Their Buckets Throughout Every School Day!

Special Thanks to Mrs. DeBenedetto & Ms.Zaninelli For ALL Their
Leadership With Our Switlik School Bucket Filler Program

Students From Left ~ Brian Cooper, Jameson Krinsky,
Randy Cruz, Aidan Borden, Rohan Patel

Mr. Brian Cooper


Switlik Elementary School is...

"Bucket Filling School"

What It Means
To be a "Bucket Filler" means that you respect people, properties, places, and things. For example - you have to show good behavior to follow classmates, teachers, parents, and even people that you don't even know. The famous phrase "Sticks and Stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me" actually isn't a good saying because words can be even more hurtful than being beat up!
Molly Hewitt - 5th Grade, Switlik School

To be a "Bucket Filler" means to be someone who is nice. For example if you hurt people's feelings you are a "Bucket Dipper." Bullies are people who hurt you and if the do that, don't just let it go - tell a teacher! You can also fill bucket's by just one word - HELLO! 
Samantha Russalesi - 5th Grade, Switlik School

November & December
Bucket Fillers

We Proudly Acknowledge

Candice Duffey, Bryce Losey, Samantha Passantino, Samantha Chmura, Sydney Moldovan, Ashley Kazio, Ella Klotzkin, Sean Hallihan, Lukas Miliano, Collin Forsythe, Tommy Austin, Talon Miller, Kylie Cipully, Lance Losey, Brooke Keown, Briana Bruce, Matthew Pushko, Lily Gyulay, Morgan Olah, Carlos Morales, Shayla Smith, Nathan Towlen, Samantha Mobley, Anthony Forzani, Austin Mitrosky, Jonathan Hughes, Katelyn LaMorte, Jessica Rodriguez, Brian Meegan, Sameer Hamadeh, Kaelin Leiby, Perry Nelson, Victoria Scollo, Abigail Stanberry, Wyatt Kennedy, Joseph Cotroneo, Toni An Scire, Ashlyn Nolan

(Any Spelling Errors - E-mail

Staff Members
Mr. Hardy, Ms. Kossman, Ms. Citron, Ms. Bernie

Harlem Wizards Event - Our PTN Organization
Switlik Players- Mr. Mathews (Also our School Singing Star), Ms. Pagano-Hein, Ms. O'Connor, Mr. Casais, Ms. Fancher, Ms. Hoermann, Ms. Kowenicki, Mr. Luell, Ms. Magee, Ms. Martinez, Ms. McKiernan, Mr. Morgan, Ms. O'Keeffe, Mr. Perrine, Ms. Potenza, Ms. Sherman, Ms. Temple, Ms. Vlahos, Ms. Vulpis, Ms. Zaninelli.
Harlem Wizards Gift Sales - Ms. Auletta, Mr. Autenrieth

Giving Tree Coordinator and Thanksgiving Baskets - Ms. DeBenedetto

Bagels w/ Santa - Our Entire PTN Organization
Mr. Autenrieth, Ms. Wardell, Ms. McQuade, Ms. DeVincenzo, Ms. McElwee

McDonald's Night - Our Entire PTN Organization
Ms. Decker, Ms. Roth, Ms. Sherman, Ms. Kowenicki, Ms. Cipully, Mr. Mathews, Ms. Temple, Ms. Urban, Ms. Ackerman, Mr. Autenrieth, Ms. McKiernan, Ms. Pagano-Hein


Sumdog Student All-Stars

Week Ending 1/10
Hallie Wiener
ason Kaufmann
ailey Starr
ierra Ramos
olly Newhook

Congratulations To Switlik's 2014-15
Educators of The Year

Ms. Tina DelSontro & Ms. Yael Cohen

Switlik Celebrates All Seasons!

Our School Grounds Look Chilly!
(Unfortunately Winter Is Now Here!)

Thanks To All Our PTN Beautification Volunteers, Switlik Girls Scouts and Jackson School District Grounds Staff!
The Property ALWAYS Looks Wonderful!

(Taken October 2014)

Teachers Using Technology @ Switlik

Example ~ Mr. A's Class Creating PowerPoints Formula Slides For Each New Lesson, Shape, Concept, etc.

At Switlik School, all of our dedicated staff have been incorporating the latest technology into their classroom teaching. For example, we have various classes excited to use our Chromebook Carts daily. These allow for instruction to be enhanced by on-line tests, web based research, and skill reinforcement. Just this past week, Mrs. Scattergood had her 3rd grade class use the chromebooks to access their most recent topic test via a website link and Google Doc. Mr. Mathews had his 5th grade class do the same, but instead used an iPad tablet. With such teaching tools at our disposal, students are working on improving their mastery of math concepts by using the IXL, SumDog, and ABCYA websites. Additionally, students in 5th grade will soon be incorporating technology into their Social Studies as they travel "The Oregon Trail."

With all our learning tools, including Digital Cameras, iPads, Promethean Boards, and Mobile Chromebooks, etc. - our students and staff are gaining and always improving the necessary skills needed for the current age we live in - and we will all only get smarter as the technology becomes smaller, faster, and more affordable for us all!

Welcome To The Switlik Website
Home of The Panthers

* Parents - Please Check The Switlik "E-Back Pack" & Webpage Often For Current News & Information!

2014 - 15 "Spirit Day" Schedule
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Switlik School News
2nd Grade Promethean Boards Are Now Operational

Above - Mrs. Wardell and Students Completing Interactive Vocabulary Lessons

Switlik PTN Chairs Recognized for School Promethean Board Donations

Switlik's "Walk To Remember"
All Branch Service Men & Women

Thank You Mr. Neff & Mr. Rosenzweig!
We Also Thank All Veteran's For Their Service!

Switlik Students & Staff Meet
The H
arlem Wizards

ackson Memorial Gymnasium


Parent University  is a series of informational programs by the Jackson School District to help parents understand how they can help their children achieve even better success in school. These sessions are open to ALL parents.

District Happenings

NOTICE: Monday, Jan. 26th at 1:25 p.m.
Jackson School District will be
CLOSED Tuesday, Jan. 27th

The Jackson School District will be CLOSED
on Tuesday, Jan. 27th due to anticipated weather conditions.

All after-school and evening activities are canceled when school is closed.

We will be sending out an automated call about this closure after we dismiss today.
As this storm develops, please continue to monitor this website for any additional updates that may affect the rest of this week.


This snow day means that there WILL BE SCHOOL for ALL STUDENTS on Thursday, Jan. 29th.  This Thursday was originally a day off for all students for transition day and professional day. However, in accordance with our contingency plans published on our school calendar, WE WILL NOW HAVE SCHOOL on Thursday. 

For our high school students, the snow day on Tuesday means that exams will now get bumped one day and will take place during Wednesday, Jan. 28th and Thursday, Jan. 29th. These days will be shortened days for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY (for exams) - meaning high school students will be dismissed early under our shortened day schedule. All other students will have a full school day.

If this storm ends up impacting Wednesday, we will update this schedule again.

Sunday, Jan. 25 @ 7:30 p.m.

 Notice - Sunday, Jan. 25@ 7:30 p.m.

The Jackson School District will have EARLY DISMISSAL tomorrow (Monday, Jan. 26) due to anticipated weather conditions.

This means that all schools will operate on a SHORTENED DAY SCHEDULE. See our school hours page on our website for the schedule - be sure to scroll down to the SHORTENED DAY SCHEDULE.

It also means that:

  • PM Kindergarten is CANCELED
  • PM Pre-School programs are CANCELED
  • There will be NO PM CHILD CARE today
  • All after-school and evening activities are CANCELED

“They didn’t do math this way when I was a kid!’’

“When I was in school, we just read – 
we didn’t have to worry about all this other stuff.’’

Do you find yourself saying
(or thinking) things like this?
Are you sometimes afraid to open that backpack to see what kind of “homework monster’’ lives in there?

The Jackson School District’s
Parent University can help!

Upcoming sessions:
Getting Ready for Assessments
Jan. 13, Jan. 15, Jan. 21, Feb. 5
Plus More All Year

Click Image for Schedule
and More Information

These sessions are open to ALL parents. Free child care is available.
You are welcome and encouraged to attend a session at ANY of these schools!

Let's Stay Healthy!
Protect Yourself From
Enterovirus D68
and Other Illnesses

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) infections have recently been documented across the United States. 

More info from the CDC
FAQ from the NJ Dept. of Health
Help Yourself:
Limit exposure to D68,
the flu and other viruses:
  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Talk to Your Child: Select the image below for a graphic you can use to discuss these personal hygiene measures with your child.

Read More for
A Note From our School Nurses:


Stay Connected to
News & Info About
Your Child's Education

Principal's Message

Dear Switlik Families,

Rain, sleet, snow or below freezing temperatures did not stop the Switlik families for an evening of fun!  All enjoyed ice cream sundaes served by the Switlik staff.  Guests participated in family unity as they played the game of Outburst led by our own PTN Co-Presidents, Mrs. Engle and Mrs. Walter.  Thank you to all our volunteers for making this such a family fun event.

Relay for Life: Over the next couple of months the Switlik Elementary School, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, will take part in a variety of school wide activities to raise awareness and donations for the 2015 Relay for Life of Jackson.  The American Cancer Society Relay Recess brings educational and community service to our Switlik children in a fun and exciting way which also allows children to help others.  They will have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and have fun with entertainment and activities that reinforce what they have learned in school.  Kids can make a difference in the fight against cancer in our community by teaching those habits that will enable them to lead healthy lives through physical activity and good nutrition, engaging them in community service activities and unifying our school with our community for a common cause.  During the week of January 26th, Mrs. DeBenedetto, our School Counselor, Mrs. Pagano-Hein, and I will be visiting lunch periods to introduce and kick off the event!  If you are interested in being a member of this committee or participating in this endeavor, please reach out to me at 732-833-4650, or  Together, we can ALL make a difference!

Stay Warm!

Kathleen McKiernan

Click here to read our full Principal's Message

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Harassment, Intimidation
& Bullying
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